About the Club

Hello there!

Congratulations for making it this far – my name’s Grace Hill and I’d like to welcome you to my Golf Club!

Unlike some other Golf Clubs which might charge an exorbitant entrance fee or put in place demanding dress codes, my Club is open to players of all abilities, social class and…fashion style.

More than any other sport (save polo, perhaps) golf is considered to be a pastime that is firmly associated with the upper classes. Unlike the egalitarian nature of cricket which freely welcomes spectators of all backgrounds to attend their games, golf does not lend itself so easily to the casual observer. The one similarity that it does have with cricket is that the ‘proper’ technique used to play the game is not by any means intuitive.

How the Club Started

I took a tumble down the stairs in 2015, tripping over my cat (Doris, may she rest in peace) and breaking my leg in the process. At the age of 58, this accident hit me hard. Living alone, I was suddenly in need of someone to help me out of bed, bring me food and all sorts of other things that I’d rather not mention here. Luckily for me (and not so luckily for him) my son had just divorced his wife and was in need of a place to stay. He agreed to stay with me and keep me alive for the summer, on the proviso that I would pay for a sports subscription for the summer so that he could watch the coverage of the Golf that summer.

With little else to do but sit on the sofa that summer, I found myself watching a great deal of golf. Through June, July and August I sat through the U.S. Open, the Open Championship and then the PGA Championship. Although I was initially sceptical, I’d never watched much sport before, I soon found myself enamoured with the game. The simple task of getting a ball from one place into a hole had never really appealed to me before, but soon I was beginning to understand the guile, skill and dexterity needed to it. By the time my leg had mended I’d become a complete fanatic, my son has dusted his old clubs off and the Grace Hill Golf Club had officially been formed.

Where and how we play

Although many golf clubs accept new members, usually after a character reference is given for them by an existing member, Dave (my son) and I didn’t like the idea of simply sticking to one club.

We wanted to feel like the pros, constantly jet-setting from one course to the next, travelling to new places and meeting new people. So we decided to do just that. After taking a few lessons from a local pro, we felt confident enough to take our golf games out into the wide open world.

The inaugural game of the Grace Hill Golf Club took place on the 24th January 2017 at Woolley Park Golf Club, Wakefield where emotions perhaps got the better of us and we celebrated our successful runs with several drinks at the club house. Each year we return there to celebrate the Club’s anniversary.

How you can get involved

It’s simple! Send us a message introducing yourself and your playing ability, then we’ll check our playing schedule and send you a list of dates/venues to pick from. We’ll meet you there for a game!