Making Golf More Affordable

The most common gripes people have about golf is how expensive it is.

It’s certainly true that should you wish you could easily spend a great deal of money on golf.

Like all sports, golf has its fair share of premium brands that can charge through the roof for clubs, tees, bags – you name it! In fact, Today’s Golfer recently ran a story detailing the results of a recent survey (undertaken by Santander) which confirmed golf as the most expensive sport to play. Combining the costs of members’ fees, spends on kit as well as competition fees, those who took the survey admitted to spending over £200 a month on their hobby with almost a quarter freely admitting that they hide their spending from their significant other.

Are you one of these big spenders? Looking for a way to cut down on your spending and regain the ability to confidently look your partner in the eye? Good!

Dave and I have picked up a few tips and tricks to spending less on your golfing, take a look and see if you could benefit from any of them:

Membership Fees

Ahhh – the price of being popular. Golf is an inherently social game. Whilst it can be relaxing to take in 9-holes by yourself, golf is best played competitively and for most players that means joining a club.

Most clubs work require you to know someone before you can gain membership, a character reference is usually needed for most memberships which rarely come cheap. Still, if you want to cut down on member fees, you can elect to do some research and seek out the cheapest in your area – then it’s up to you to befriend a member (we recommend using social media!).


A shoddy work-man blames his tools, or so the old adage goes at least. It’s true that the very best premium clubs will give you professional players the edge, but unless you’re edging your way into the Top 1000 of the OWGRs then there’s probably little chance that you’ll make the most of them.

Should you still wish to swing a premium-price piece of kit then you can always stalk the online spheres for some older models. The internet is littered with excellent clubs, all of which have been abandoned by their owners who either couldn’t afford them or wanted something shinier – it’s up to you to take advantage!


In Santander’s survey golfers admitted to spending on average around £22 a month on clothes for their hobby. As many ailing golf widows will know there is always something new to buy in the great game of golf, whether that’s a new hat or a pullover, or some other piece of unnecessary clothing.

If you really can’t stop yourself from buying more clothes for your growing collection of sweaters, the least you can do is buy end of line stock to make it cheaper for yourself. By shopping from a sports wholesaler you can avoid paying retail price, whilst still wearing the premium brands associated with the best players.

Club Events & Fundraiser

Part of joining a golf club means that your money will be contributed towards the upkeep of the club. Although most clubs use their fees to keep the buildings and ground in check, it’s not unheard of for clubs to organise events and fundraisers to get money together for significant projects such as conservatory roof replacements and new greens.

Whereas it might be to your immediate financial benefit to not attend these events, don’t forget that should you wish to benefit from the new additions to your club, it’s best to chip in for them first. Whether your club is looking to make some major renovations to the buildings or grounds, your contributions could be the difference between them being completed or being left to the wayside.

Cutting Down On Expenditures

There are so many little ways you can spend money at the golf club. Whether it’s a lost bet down the club house, a round of drinks for your mates or an impulse lunch bought at the club restaurant, it can be easy to lose track of the pennies and pounds throughout the course of a season. By staying vigilant and making a definitive plan of how much you’re going to spend you’ll be able to stay on top of your spending and make the right choices, so that you can save money in the long run.

Dave’s Top 4 Golfers of All Time

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for!

When we first started this blog, both Dave and I both vowed to each other that our articles on here would never devolve to the point where we were making generic, dull lists because if there’s one thing that we both detest about the internet its the endless array of lists and articles that are forever flooding the internet.

Thanks to sites like Buzzfeed, the ‘listicle’ has become a globally accepted form of content which will no doubt continue to blight the world for years to come – but, despite this, we have to admit that they are very effective ways of settling debates and that’s exactly what we’re about to do here.

On every single one of our trips, Dave and I inevitably find ourselves discussing international golf. Despite the sport’s relatively elitist reputation in the last few years a number of players from all sorts of different countries have started rising to the occasion, challenging the upper classes to up their game, lest their crowns be stolen. Now, golf is a long game and anyone who has time to play a full 18-holes (as well as pay for the privilege) is clearly not ‘poor’ by any standards. Just look at Dave and I, a perfectly normal Mother and son who travel across the country to play at least 4 games of golf every month.

The point I’m trying to make here is that golfers can be judged by many different standards and whilst I take into account the player’s backgrounds before judging them, Dave insists on ignoring their upbringing and simply focuses on their style, charisma and perceived playing ability – after all, a list of the most successful golfers of all time would be fairly redundant considering how all the answers are readily available on Wikipedia.

So – without any further ado, I present to you Dave’s Top 10 Favourite Golfers of All Time:

Tiger Woods

“In my opinion no discussion about golf can begin without mentioning Tiger. Although you can’t say that the 14-time majors champion is currently at the best of his abilities, it’s impossible to deny his potential to devastate his opponents. No other player has spent longer at the No. 1 spot in the golf rankings and only the great Nicklaus has recorded more PGA Tour wins.”

Old Tom Morris

“It can be so easy to be distracted by the current golfing stars of the 21st Century, but it’s important to remember that the professional game has been played for centuries. Old Tom Morris caddied for Allan Robertson, a man deemed by many to be the first professional golfer.

He was born and died at St. Andrews and won the Open four times in the space of 7 years.”

Harry Vardon

“Only one player has won the Open Championship six times and that man is Harry Vardon. Born in the Channel Islands, he moved to England when he was just 20 years old to pursue a career in the sport. He took a job as a greenkeeper at Studley Royal Gold Club and by 1896 was the club professional at Ganton Golf Club in Yorkshire, winning his first Open the same year.”

Harry Colt

“Its no secret that Harry Colt was no great golfer, although he still had a love for the game and enough skill to take him to the Open Championship in 1891, he finished in T38 and continued to play at amateur events from then on. Colt is better remembered for his revolutionary design work on numerous golf courses including Pine Valley Golf Club, Plum Hollow Country Club and dozens English courses.”

Golfing Update: May

This month in golf:

McIlroy declared Master the ultimate tourney, Tiger makes bid for return and Westwood digs deep.

McIlroy: ‘I don’t care about the Open.’

Four-time major winner, Rory McIlroy has gone one record saying that he no longer cares about The Open and that The Masters is now the biggest competition in the world. Speaking to Sports Illustrated he said:

The Masters has now become the biggest golf tournament in the world, and I’m comfortable saying that. I don’t care about the US Open or the Open Championship, it is the biggest golf tournament in the world, the most amount of eyeballs, the most amount of hype, everything is at Augusta.

McIlroy has yet to take a victory at Augusta, so clearly the legendary course is weighing on his mind somewhat. This April, the Northern Irishman missed out once more finishing tied in fifth place with a number of other players. Clearly somewhat miffed by his lack of a Masters trophy, McIlroy will have to go looking to complete his career Grand Slam at next year’s competition…

Tiger will be back for Carnoustie Open

There is perhaps no other golfer that has courted such controversy and greatness in such equal measure as Tiger Woods. After missing out on two Open championships due to various injuries, the legendary player will be seeking to claim his fourth Claret Jug this July. Winning his first title Open title all the way back in 2000, Woods followed this with two back-to-back wins at St. Andrews and then Royal Liverpool in ’05 and ’06, respectively.

Tiger’s 14 major championships puts him one place behind Jack Nicklaus on the all-time list, he’ll need 5 more to surpass the man, a challenge considering that Woods has only just broken back into the top 100, after dropping out of the top 1000 for the first time in his career back in July 2017. Having won two of his Open championships in Scotland, as well as another in England, Tiger’s hoping to make a complete return to the game come July – although he’s admitted that it might be a challenge:

Carnoustie can be a brutal golf course and it was brutal that year [1999]. It’s just so tough, but it’s all there in front of you. There are no tricks, there’s nothing hidden. It’s just come and get me.

Lee Westwood donates big to Edinburgh charity shop

After ending the reign of Tiger Woods and ascending to the top seed of international golf in 2010, English golfer Lee Westwood has slunk somewhat into the shadows in recent years. Despite still competing, the Worksop-born player doesn’t look in a position to claim a major championship victory anytime soon in a period of declining form which has seen him drop down the rankings to settle just outside of the top 100. This drop in form doesn’t seem to have deterred the 45-year old from making a recent move to Scotland.

Westwood donated thousands of pounds worth of golfing memorabilia to Shelter Scotland recently after moving in to the city earlier this month. The charity, which is celebrating its 50th birthday this year, will be selling the rare personal items at their Morningside shop with the proceeds going towards tackling homelessness and bad housing throughout the country.